Using underfloor heating with Screedflo dB

Cross section of Screedflo dB being used with underfloor heatingThe Screedflo dB floor system is ideal for use with underfloor heating, as the screed fully encapsulates the cables or pipes, has excellent thermal conductivity and minimal thermal expansion. This allows the heating to work as efficiently as possible. Additionally, the dBoard provides a firm base to attach the underfloor heating elements to, without the use of expensive proprietary hanging systems that are usually required with timber joisted floors.

Screed Depths

The minimum depth of screed required above the pipework or cables is 30mm. With electrical systems this usually means that the screed can stay at the standard 40mm. Water based systems typically require 50mm-55mm of screed.


The insulation provided by the dB system means that no additional insulation is required to make underfloor heating work efficiently.

Fixing Pipework

Regardless of the type of heating system being used, it should be laid so that the pipes or cables are mechanically fixed at 300mm centres. Please be aware that because of the density of the screed, heating systems will lift and 'float' if not adequately secured. We suggest the use of a proprietary fixing system for this purpose. All wet systems should be filled with water to increase density and help prevent lifting.

Help Line

Further information on the use of underfloor heating can be obtained from our helpline on 01621 874781.